Sunday, November 23, 2008

I am glad my kids did not outgrow the Brooklyn Children's Museum

The Brooklyn Children's Museum closed for renovations like a year and a half ago. I figured that by the time it would reopen my kids would have outgrown it. I was wrong, really, really wrong. We went today and had a great time. The renovation and expansion is really wonderful (from the inside, the outside looks like a giant wedge of yellow cheese in the middle of Brownstone Brooklyn).

My favorite part (as well as the kids) was the area know as World Brooklyn. There was a row of stores that represented the diversity of Brooklyn. An Asian Stationary shop, a Mexican bakery, a West African textile shop as well as others. All the shops had the names of real stores in Brooklyn . The was even a quote from our Borough President "Brooklyn, Home to Everyone From Everywhere". The exhibit really reminded me that that was true about Brooklyn.

The kids loved playing in the pizzeria. It had the signage and menus from L & B Spumoni Gardens. I gotta go back there and spend some money, they deserve it.

Today was day two of the Icky Festival. The kids were really having a good time playing in the grocery store and I told them it was time to go to the show. There was a performance of BubbleMania. The kids did not want to go. They said "you always make us go to show, we are having fun. blaa blaa blaa. They really got together and told me I was ruining their day. Seth Bloom was setting up on stage and being really engaging. The Boy ran to the front row, but the Girl wanted to sit in the back. The show was great, Seth even used the Boy's sneaker to make a bubble. After the show we had a little talk about trusting me in suggesting good things too do.

Earlier, this week we went to the Staten Island Children's Museum. We had a great time there too. I am really glad the tourists don't leave Manhattan. I really hope this bus to Brooklyn does not change things.


  1. Glad to hear you all had so much fun! the Brooklyn Children's museum used to be one of our all time favorite places to go. William loved it! I, like you, thought we were done with it once it closed for renovations, didn't think he would be interested anymore.

    but, maybe I was wrong and will try to take him there again soon. i no longer have a children's museum membership, how much is it to get in, do you know?

  2. It costs less than a move to get in, but anybody should join because membership there gets you into a lot of other museums.


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