Sunday, December 7, 2008

Has New York spoiled me?

Today I had a really good run, I mean really good. I decided to get back to running, not jogging. The difference to me is lift the knees a kick those legs back. I have been running like that for the past week. Today I got some miles in. I ran over the Brooklyn Bridge, around lower Manhattan and back. On the way back it started snowing as I was on the Brooklyn Bridge. I jumped up on the bench in the middle of the Bridge and announced to the world that I was King. (I was really feeling it.) At that moment I saw that BOTH the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty were glowing in sunlight.

That was a good. It was 30 degrees, windy, snowing and I am standing on top of a bench, on top of a bridge and I am wearing shorts. A tourist looks at me with fear and says "Sir, aren't you cold?" I gave he a classic "Forgetaboutit" and keep running. Either she had a nice story to tell her friends back in Middle America or she shit herself. I don't care.

This made me think of a conversation I had last night. When I grew up in Sheepshead Bay every body's parents were born in Brooklyn. Now, most of the people I have been meeting lately are not native New Yorkers. People actually find that to be interesting. How has Brooklyn changed?... What was NYC like before Giuliani?... Were you ever mugged? But last night I as asked if NYC spoiled me? Would I ever want to live anywhere else?

I really had to shut my mouth. I did not want to insult her but SHE MOVED HERE, WHY WOULD ANYBODY MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE? I was nice, I told here that I have visited other cities that were like NYC, but I saw no need to move. I really hope my obnoxiousness did not come out, I wanted to be nice, But what a stupid question. I am lucky enough to live in the best neighborhood, in the best borough, in the best city in the world.

In New York we pay more taxes and get less services than the rest of the country. Every is trying to rip you off and my apartment costs more than a whole town in a flyover state. I have a right to be obnoxious!!!

The only other city that can hold a candle to NYC is Paris. That is because Parisians are obnoxious too. They know that their city is the best in the world, they are wrong, but they know it.

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