Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I had a lotta fun last night

There is a break it the Tuesday night coached workouts the the Prospect Park Track Club is offering, so Gil organized a run down to Dyker Heights to look at the Christmas lights. There were only 4 of us because there was a pretty nasty wet snow falling. It turns out that that wet snow enhanced the prettiness.

We ran all the streets from the upper seventies to the mid eighties between 10th and 12th Avenues. The decorations ranged from beautifully subtle to over the top Disneyness. [Disneyness is a word]. I will post some photos when I go back with the kids.

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I ran with Gil, Troy and Helen. They are three teammates who could run the pants off me. They had a conversational jog and I had a great speed workout! It seams we left with out Brooklyn Running, sorry.

Runners talk. We had a short talk about age or aging and growing up. We were 4 runners with an age range from a couple of 30 year olds a 45 year old and a runner in his mid fifties. We cam to the conclution that we are gonna stay "young" forever. Because we have. We were running in the snow just to look at Christmas decorations!


  1. Running without glasses can play tricks on perception. Compounded by the snow in your eyes who knows what you'll see. For example, I saw in the lights a duck where there was none, mistook a deer for a donkey, and saw twice as many lights as there actually were. Helen, don't be upset that you were moved to an older age group well before your time. Michael had no glasses on either. I won't protest being moved down to my mid fifties, but next November nobody's keeping me from the new age group snow or not.

  2. Ah, we have yet to make our yearly pilgrimage to Dyker Heights to see the lights-I was thinking we would do it this weekend. Love doing that!

  3. I had a good time as well. For those of you out there who have never seen this madness, it's worth a trip. And it was a nice run to boot. We all had a good time trying to decipher Gil's hallucinations. Next time I recommend hitting the egg nog AFTER the run Gil.


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