Thursday, December 18, 2008

A Tour Grows in Brooklyn

Today my cousin David and I took a walking tour. It was a tour of my own neighborhood, really we walked around Park Slope. I could review the tour from the point of view of a tourist, but I was not I was practically a subject of the tour. We walked past my home. So I am not gonna say how this tour made me want to move to Brooklyn.

Taking 3 hours and letting a well spoken, patient person show you the history is your own neighborhood is a must do experience. (Unless, of course you live in a suburban wasteland).

I knew Al Capone grew up in Park Slope, but I did not know he lived a few doors away from my friends Evelyn and Angel. Evelyn told me she grew up in that house, maybe her grandparents knew Al.

I have walked by the Montauk Club almost every day for 20 years and never notice that all of the Indian faces were different. I even got to go into my neighbor's (and meet my neighbor) limestone that looks that same as it did in 1900, or the same way it did when they filmed the move Age of Innocence in it.

I am not going to give away any more secrets of the tour because somebody who is reading this might get it as a present.

This picture was taken from across the street from my house. It is on the A tour grows in Brooklyn Website. Cool

A TOUR GROWS IN BROOKLYN offers an exciting and educational walk around Brooklyn's historical Park Slope neighborhood and Prospect Park. Learn about the part Brooklyn played in both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Our tours are led by a Park Slope native and lifelong Brooklynite who has lived among and studied the many interesting sights in the area. The result is an exciting, informative, fun and memorable tour.

Discover Brooklyn's cultural diversity, independent art scene, distinct neighborhoods, and unique architectural heritage. Park Slope, in the western section of Brooklyn, features historic buildings, top-rated restaurants, bars, and shops, and close access to Prospect Park, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden, the Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Museum, and the Brooklyn Public Library.

A Tour Grows in Brooklyn • 1212 64th Street • Brooklyn, NY 11219
Copyright © 2007 A Tour Grows in Brooklyn • All rights reserved


  1. Sasha's great-grandfather (or is it great-great-step grandfather) designed that building across the street from your apartment.

    Cool, eh? That kind of thing happens every day up here in Western Mass.

  2. I remember this place, I used to live in Brooklyn in the late 80's.

  3. This is the house on the corner of Union Street and 8th Avenue,right? My friend and neighbor Michael and his partner owned the building before it was converted to condos or coops or whatever. RIP Michael I believe the limestone you are referring to is the house I grew up in.

  4. Yes it is Melanie. The one with round windows.

  5. The Limestone building is next door--the second house from the corner-you live right across the street from there I believe. Small world.
    I plan to take photos in The Slope some time soon.


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