Friday, January 23, 2009

Every other Friday I am the 3rd Grade Recess Assistant

It is a great gig. I tie a lot of shoes, and tell a lot of nice kids not to play to rough near the curb. I usually wait for a kid to come over and say "Mista, bla bla's is crying." Then I work it out. Sometimes it is a kid I know, sometimes not. Today it was "Daddy, come quick, bla bla threw up." Hey, puke happens, it's third grade. One day I am gonna borrow a nice potable audio recording device, so I can post the sound of recess. It could cure the common cold or be used to extract a confession.


  1. I am going to study that picture and if I find my kid in it, I am suing your ass!

    nice pic, hope bla bla is feeling better!

  2. Your kid is in the picture that I did not use. Bla bla was fine. But I hadda keep you kid from stepping in it.


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