Thursday, January 22, 2009

Was that my 15 minutes of fame?

Yesterday, the New York Times had a item it the City Room Blog abut the mediocre grades the New York Subway gets on it's "Rider Report Cards" The A Train Gets a C-Minus, Again

"What is remarkable from the second round of surveys — still under way — is the consistency with which riders gave the subway lines an overall, barely passing grade of around C.

I was the first person to add a comment to the blog. I said, "What a shock, they all get a grade of C-. The results of these “report cards” are meaningless. They just make work for a few and litter in the stations. I took some pictures in Brooklyn of the mess they made."

I then post a link to my blog.

I have a stat counter on my blog. It tells me home many hits I get and a slice of information as to who looked at my blog. I usually get 4 or 5 hit a day

Yesterday I got 130 unique visitors.

My question is: Why does this make me feel good?


  1. Makes all of us feel good to get a bunch of hits on our blogs! I think because we assume that means that people are reading the stuff we write, even if they're just 'clicking through'...

  2. This is great, my first comment from someone I never met before!!! She did not just click through.


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