Sunday, January 4, 2009

Fun at the New York City Transit Museum and then a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge

First we went to the NYC Transit Museum. If you don't already know, an 8 year old can sit behind the wheel of a (not so) make believe bus ALL DAY. LOTS OF FUN. They even have streetlights and crosswalks so when my my son had to let another kid drive he was able to direct traffic. 8 is such a great age and 45 is not so bad either. I can sit in the back of a make believe bus and let the kids have a great time.

I used to go there when I was in a kid. I remember when the fee to get into the museum was a subway token. They just had their own turnstiles. Now I am a member and I can go whenever I want. I even went a few years ago when I had a long lunch break during jury duty. I was nice not to have to chase the kids. It was good to read the captions.

From there we went for a walk over the most photographed object on Earth. The Brooklyn Bridge. I took a few of my own. If you look carefully at the photo below you can see the Moon too!

It was great to be with the kids when they realized that the cables they were touching were 125 years old. Older than Grandma. ;)

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  1. Looks like a fun place too. I love the shot of the sky on the bridge.

  2. Thanks Alsha,

    Some people ask what the difference is between living in Brooklyn or Manhattan. We Brooklinites say that we can see the sky.

  3. I got some attention!
    Great blog at

    One note...the name of the Museum is the New York Transit Museum not the New York CITY Transit Museum.

    The Museum offers exhibits, programs, workshops and tours of all of the operating agencies under the MTA, not just subways and buses.


    Take care.

    Roxanne Robertson
    Director, Special Projects
    New York Transit Museum
    130 Livingston Street
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    (718) 694-4915


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