Sunday, January 25, 2009

Manhattan Half Marathon Race Report

Some observations

  • When Gatorade freezes on asphalt it gets real slippery, salt just makes it slushy. Like a frozen lemon lime daiquiri on the ground.
  • I thought the portable toilets would be less stinky when it is 14 degrees. Not so much, when the blue stuff freezes, the poops just sit on top.
  • I had a near crisis in the bathroom at mile 6. I has so many pants on that I managed to make a knot in the string that held up my shorts when I was trying to pee. Don't worry, everything came out OK.
  • I had a horrible first half, I don't think is was the cold it was a shin split. My second half was awesome. My finish time was 2:19:55 that is a 10:40 mile average, but my last mile was just under 10 minutes.
  • After the finish line I noticed lots of uneaten bagels on the ground and falling out of trash cans. When I reached for my post race bagel it accrued to me that my freezer is about 0 degrees. At 15 degrees bagels freeze. Not so much eating. Apples were great
  • When I got home the amount of clothing I was wearing can be defined as a load of laundry.
I will post some pictures when I get them.....

Here is one from Rundangerously, yea, he caught me with my pants down

and another with my pants all the way off with Frank, Don and Emmy
Lets see how Brightroom got me..... Not bad

I gotta get new shorts! :)


  1. Hey, Michael you call this fun???
    But I can the smiles on all your
    friends faces it really is fun....

  2. your report is too funny!! I bit into a frozen bagel but decided to wait until it warmed up in my car --looks like Frank (hopefully Don, too) and I will come out for the Cherry Tree 10 miler ---we need to torture ourselves again with cold and hills;)
    Also, the 50 on 50 guy, from NJ, plans to run it.

  3. Funny post. Yeah, those below zero temps or bearely above it are wearing us down...


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