Thursday, January 29, 2009

Too Sexy For the Superbowl

Come on The Superbowl is hardly about foot ball. It is abut marketing. It is a homage to the consumption of processed things. This ad is selling vegetables and sex. GM, Coke, HP, Sony, and the National Guard don't stand to make much profit when you eat a cucumber (or whatever she is gonna do with it.)

PETA can save a pile of $, I will show it too you for free

They would not put this one on TV either

When I was in college I saw a film like the one below (I remember it being nastier) I have not eaten veal in 25 years. My life has been fine. Only one time in time did I see a dish of veil and want to eat it. There has always been something else on the menu just as appealing. Again, my life has been fine.

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  1. veggies and sex are OK, but veal is not. I cannot stand to even see the footage of that video --I have not eaten veal for 30 years because of the way the animals are treated, and am pretty much a for my kids, green things are not their favorite:(
    enjoy the commercials.


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