Saturday, January 17, 2009

This morning I met my buddies from the Prospect Park Track Club for our regular Run

Not so regular

First, when I left my house it was 4 degrees. So what: My friends at Slope Sports advised me on what to wear. Professional advise makes a big difference. If you are gonna break a sweat when it is 25 degrees below freezing cotton kills. I was fine.

Second, was the big news. A jet plane crash landed in the Hudson River. Most of the time when you have to describe a specific part of a river you wound say "so many miles from a town", or "how many miles up stream from the ocean". Not so much in NYC. The plane landed just west of 40th St, near where The Intrepid is parked. Wow, not in the middle of nowhere.

So when we had to decide where to run, the only and immediate suggestion was "Let's go see the plane." Yep, we got to see the plane... Wow. It was there, tied up to the sea wall just south of Chambers Street. Not much to see, but I did get a kick out of the 25 or so media people huddled up like arctic explorers waiting for news to happen.

I will never take for granted that I live in New York City. People all over the world are waiting to see pictures of what I can run over an see with my own eyes.

Go over to The Prospect Park Track Club Blog for my guest blog on the run.

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  1. buns of steel! I recently updated my Admiral's Row blog. more to come...


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