Sunday, February 22, 2009

Volunteering is Good

This morning my Track Club, The Prospect Park Track Club put on our annual Cherry Tree 10 Miler and 3 Person Relay . I did not run this race, I rarely run PPTC races. I prefer to help.

There are lots of ways to "help". You can donate to charity, do a random good deed, vote, or just be polite. My helping today was extra satisfying.

For this race I was a member of the committee that planed the race. My opinion counted and I know that is a not so small way I affected the way the race happened. I enjoyed working with the people on the committee

I spent half the day Saturday getting ready for the race. I rented a U-haul and bought 50 gallons of water. I went to a storage room and filled the truck with tables and other race equipment. This morning I left my house at 6:30 and put my bike in the back of the cargo van. I unloaded the equipment and set up 2 water stations. I also set up a tent that became the shelter for the baggage check.

I rode my bike to a pivotal area near the subway and the Park and mad sure race participants knew how to get to registration and then the start. I also made sure runners were smiling, 10 miles can be scary. I got a phone call telling me that there was a need for safety pins at the starting line. I got on my bike and got them from the registration area.

After the race started I saw that help was needed at a water station, I filled cups and gave out water. (Good thing I was wearing waterproof shoes.) I also made sure that racers knew that they had to have their bib facing forward to get scored properly. (This "old school" technology was new to a lot of runners). I help break down the finish line and get it back into the van.

I am not listing these things to brag, I just want to point out that I had an important roll in this event.

I feel great knowing that the part I played in this event was significant. I know that about 700 people had a good time today because of the work I did. This is a good feeling.

I will run tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like you had fun while doing good - that's the best part when your passion intersects with your charity!!

    I work for an online company that can help support all your volunteer coordination work at the race. We've helped several water teams and setup crews get the help they need when they need it.

    Please check us out: - free volunteer scheduling, signups and reminders - so easy ANYONE can coordiante volunteers.

  2. great job michael! this isn't your first volunteer gig - i remember you riding your bike to check on the runners at many cherry trees past! and, cheering on pptc runners (all runners, for that matter) when they arrived at the park during the bklyn half :D

  3. Michael --sorry to miss the race--in fact, we missed our 2 chances to get to Prospect Park this weekend -I remember, 2 years ago, you working tirelessly at the cherry tree..
    next year...
    'ralworse' is my verfication!


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