Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yeepee Woo Hoo the phone books are here!!!

Yea, that's what they used to say. I guess it was a big deal.

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Even Steve Martin was excited (Stop watching after a minute)
But things have changed, who needs a phone book any more. You got the Internet, directory assistance is included in most home phone service and most people have 411 on their cell phone. So the phone books is just an excuse to sell ads. The price of ads are based on how many people get them.

So we get this

And this (please notice the date stamps on the next 3, it is the same stoop).

And finally just this

They could just tell the advertisers they distributed them bring them directly to the recycling center....

They could just tell the advertisers they printed them and not print them and save a giant pile of trees, and gas to be put in trucks to distributed them, and gas put in truck to recycle (some of) them and the actual cost of recycling them and....

At least they get recycled. Maybe.

When I was looking for video from The Jerk movie, I found this. Enjoy.....

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  1. I always laugh now when they leave the phone books! I think they should be by request only considering how few people use them or even take them.

    I like to put one in the trunk of my car because I do not get free directory assistance with my cell phone and sometimes I need an address or phone number or sometimes, i just need to find the nearest (insert type of store here) to where I am and the phone book comes in handy then.

    otherwise, it is a waste!


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