Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Did you lose your goose?

I had a nice run today, about 9 miles in lovely Prospect Park. They are making a major motion picture over in the Picnic House. It has a great name, "Untitled Nancy Meyer's Project". I will be sure to look for it at a theater near you. I am told Merrl Streep, Alec Baldwin and that "Wild and Crazy Guy" Steve Martin are there.

I brought my camera and dressed in my usual clown like running clothes (yellow shorts in the snow, orange shirt, red hat and a red and white glove) hoping that Steve Martin would want to be in a picture with me.

No such luck, they were busy filming in the totally tarped over Picnic House. There was also 2 heated tents, their own snow plow and a shuttle bus bring staff from their far away parking at Bartel Pritchard Square and Grand Army Plaza. Like a hundred people standing around doing nothing outside the Picnic House. Like I said MAJOR MOTION PICTURE.

But no interesting pictures. However, on the other side of the lake there was a flock of geese that have been wintering here. One of them had a tag on its neck.

So if you are look for or concerned with the location of Goose number NA49, it was in Prospect Park, Brooklyn at about 11am, on March 4, 2009.
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  1. Hey Michael, just loved your pictures, soooo, I was wondering
    how you were able to see the tag,
    on the bird, were you standing that
    close?? What great stars will be
    in the movie, I will look for it.

  2. In a big flock of brown birds on brown grass a yellow tag really sticks out. I was about 30 feet away when I noticed it and they let me get to whiten 10 feet to take the picture.

  3. I photographed and posted this poor dude with the choke-collar and e-mailed it to the Government Goose-Tagging Lab, who sent me a generic response but never answered my main question about whether this goose is uncomfortable. Why I should care, I don't know, since they all just live to poop and crash jetliners, but I hate too-tight turtlenecks and am overly invested in this goose's quality of life.

  4. get in there with a telephoto and bring back some Meryl shots!


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