Saturday, March 7, 2009

My 8 year old twins just got into Mad Libs

This is good

No TV, no computer, no hand held game console. No glazed over expressions. Just 2 kids sitting together, interacting laughing. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy....

This is gonna be great

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Mad Libs

by Roger Price and Leonard Stern

Enjoy the “light side” of Star Wars: The Clone Wars with Mad Libs. Star Wars fans will love filling in the blanks in 21 stories about the new groundbreaking animated TV show. With this book, the galaxy rests in your ____________ [PART OF THE BODY]

More sarcasm another day.........



  1. Hey did you know that there is a
    place mad libs web ring.

  2. So are you saying kids with hand held game consoles have a glazed over look? Do I need to come over there and kick your butt? LOL

    I remember mad libs being big time when I was a kid.


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