Sunday, March 22, 2009

F. Y. I. - The Missing Exit- This is for the Stimulis Package

Build it now!! Build the Park!!! Extend the subway !!!!!!

Put people to work!!!!

Millions of people will enjoy this

F. Y. I. -

The Missing Exit

Q. As you drive east on the Belt Parkway, you pass Exit 9 at Sheepshead Bay, and then Exit 11 connecting with Flatbush Avenue, but there is no Exit 10. How come?

A. The answer may involve grand plans 70 or 80 years ago for Marine Park, which lies between those exits, suggested John Manbeck, a former Brooklyn borough historian.

The area was developed in the 1920s, starting with a modern sewage system, as the federal government planned a large port there. That plan died during the Great Depression. The city acquired the area, and developers arrived.

In the early 1930s, Mr. Manbeck said, development plans included two swimming pools, equestrian paths, a marina or two and the Marine Park Golf Course, along with parking lots that could have been reached by an exit from the Belt Parkway, which Robert Moses was planning.

The grand concept tied in with a bond issue floated to extend the No. 2 line of the IRT to Avenue U and bring more people to southern Brooklyn.

Only athletic fields came to fruition, but the plans were alive when the Belt Parkway was completed in 1941. An Exit 10 may have been in the works, but development stalled, except for the golf course, and that was reachable by the Flatbush Avenue exit.

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