Saturday, March 21, 2009

Breaking News! Possum in Park Slope

Thais is correct. This morning wright in front of my apartment in Brooklyn there was a Possum.

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Ick. I am not really an "animal" person. I always say "In the cage it's a pet, outta the cage it's vermin." This was one big vermin. I mean, a block away is Prospect Park. But this is 8th Ave and Union St. Something is wrong. I took some more pictures. Then I called a friend who is a Vet. She confirmed my urban intuition. Leave that thing alone. "Treat it like a big squirrel." Move on with your life. It is scared and not where it wants to be.

There have been other possi (My son says more than one Possum is a Possi, he said he learned that on I-Carley, but that is not so true.) sightings in Brooklyn. Around the Park in Kensington, and somewhere else in Brooklyn. But, shit The B69 and B71 are are within feet of these pictures.

It was not playing possum.

My son took this one

Hay, I know they were here first but, Eeeek.

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  1. Michael, great pictures that you
    and your son took...just another
    day in Brooklyn.

  2. I've seen a possum in the park, near the PPSW side. Also lots of raccoons, including two babies that were playing around the doorway of the picnic house a couple of years ago. But you don't want to tangle with those things.

  3. Oh my goodness, that can't be good & in Brooklyn, WoW! I thought that was only something we'd see here in the sticks!! hehehe

  4. Poor possum, he was probably more frightened then you were. Cute story. I live in a small town and have to put up with raccoons, skunks, and deer in the yard. Never lived in a big city so I am just used to all the wildlife and enjoy watching them. Thanks for sharing your adventure!! Happy Sunday.

  5. I can confirm another sighting of the Park Slope Possum. Approximately 2 AM between 6th and 7th Ave on berkeley place. I tried getting pics but my cellphone camera was too weak.

  6. Poor thing! Don't be such a baby, you sound like a city boy. That things was scared to death and away from all things familiar... :-( It makes me sad.

  7. Amy, yea I am a big city boy. I really had visions if that thing leaping out from under that VW and latching on to my kids face. Really

  8. Possums are long-time residents of the park, but in 21 years we've only seen a possum on our property twice, and we live just 2 blocks from the park proper. Same with raccoons; they usually seem to know to stay on their home 'turf,' but occasionally make forays into neighboring human zones (often in search of tasty garbage). The possi are weird-lookin' dudes, like something from the imagination of Edward Gorey.

  9. The poor frightened thing. This reminds me of my mother running after one of these with a shovel on a long-ago summer evening. She got him too, while all us girls sat on the steps of the house and screeeeeeamed. We lived near woodland in the South!

    Good luck when you go out. And congratulations to your son, who takes a good photo.

  10. Oh the poor thing, so scared. It will find a better place to live soon.

  11. Oh my word, what will you find next in the city?

  12. hope the little furry survives...i am sure he/she won't be bothering anyone, probably looking for something to eat.

    have a good week.

  13. I live in Ditmas Park and this past weekend within a time frame of less than five minutes I saw two possum on Marlborough Road between Ditmas and Dorchester-So totally freaked we drove around the corner to E 16 Street (one block) and actually saw another one. This may seem cute to some-but not to me. They can jump out from a neighbors bush at anytime and scare the bejesus out of you.
    Any advice on what to do here?
    Are they nocturnal?
    All sugestions would be appreciated.
    A creeped out Ditmas Park resident

  14. Hay, Anonymous:

    You know as much about possums as me :)


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