Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey, how did my mirror get folded in?

I run a lot. I like to run on the public streets. In Brooklyn there are many recreation lanes on the public streets. (Some call them Bike Lanes.)

Bike ride with the flow of traffic. I run facing automobile traffic. Bike riders and I get along fine.

Not so much with cars. OFTEN drivers block the rec lane. I usually have to fold the mirror back on the passenger side of the car to get buy. Sorry. Not

Thanks to Takethetooker click the above image if you find it too small.

Or you can do this.


  1. Very funny! I HATE the bike lane parkers!! Have you ever seen those stickers "I parked in a bike lane" ? I don't know where to get them but always wanted to get a few and slap them on the cars' windows.


    and here

  3. Funny. Makes sense to me.

    I wish I had the gall to do as the biker did.


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