Sunday, March 8, 2009

I saw an obscene thing on my run today

This is not my photo, but this is the vehicle I saw. There was a giant wedding party on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and they all probably got out of this thing. Why do people need such a thing. Do they just have to show off all the money they have.

I asked the drive what it was based on and in an apologetic voice he said an F 650 body.


If you are on a budget you can get a used one for under a 100K

Anyway I got in a good 20 miles this morning. A loop of the park, then wiggled my way the the Brooklyn Bridge, around Lower Manhattan and back via the Promenade. I even met Brooklyn Running playing with his kiddies when I stopped for water. (We started together, but he got home showered and took his kids to the playground and I was still out there. That is a LONG RUN!)

I needed to burn off some calories/stress that resulted from 2 solid days of extended family. But, I will get to that later.


  1. wow that is öbscene"(wink haha) indeed! Someone very famous or rich was in that long car....

    thanks for visiting my blog:)
    greetings JoAnn's-D-Eyes/Holland

  2. Hi Mike.

    We're sitting here marveling at your found transit card money. We have some questions for you. Do you just pick up cards as you spot them on the ground or do you go by the subway everyday to specifically pick them up? I'm kind of wondering if people call you "The Crazy Subway Card Guy" who scours the stations for transit cards. Little do they know how much money you are finding!

    Are the totals you give for separate cards or for one specific card? If it is many different cards, how much is generally on each card?

    Keep up the good work! Not only are you saving your family money, but it sounds like you are keeping Brooklyn clean.

    I loved your post about your mom's birthday.

    Erin, Michael, Nicholas & Waverly

  3. Hohor22

    The amount I list is the sum of the cards since the last time I counted them. Does that make seance?

    I find them everywhere, the further I am from the subway the more likely the card is to have value. For example, if you take out your cash/credit card at the supermarket you might drop your metrocard by accident. But in the near the turn style slobs just drop their valueless cards.

    I have kept a low profile. I don't think any body noticed (I hope). However some "token booth" employees have made it quite clear that I am a pain in their necks. They would rather do a crossword puzzle than combine 4 or 5 useless cards into a good one.

    Thanks for stopin buy

  4. Holy smokes! 20 miles, running, on a regular day? Are you human?


You do not have to be nice!


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