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Yea, Where is the F

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A couple of years ago a new bagel shop opened on the corner of Smith and 9th in Red Hook. I was a kinda brave move. There was already a nice bodega across the street. The rest of the neighbors were kinda iffy. There is a concrete factory, scrap metal yard, an abandoned factory. It is a very short walk to the Goanus Canal and the BQE. The closest park is in the shadow of the BQE and is called Choke Park (Named after the 3 streets it borders Court, Hamilton and Garnett. Yea right.)

It is on such a nasty block they filmed a scene from Goodfellas there

"Karen’s edgy meeting with the increasingly paranoid Conway was filmed on Smith Street at 9th Street, alongside the Gowanus Canal, under the elevated railway F Line in Brooklyn’s dodgy Red Hook district."

When I grew up, I was told the only reason to get off the train at Smith & 9th was to buy smack. A friend of mine worked on that block a mere 10 yeas ago and told me she would never eat there because SHE WOULD NEVER LEAVE FOR LUNCH.

The neighborhood has changed and F Line bagels was helping make it change. The MTA sued them for theft of intellectual property. WTF, there are not stealing you name they are honoring you as a neighbor. Two years ago they turned the F around in their store name. There is no F any more, now they are called Line Bagels.

Anyway, I got my favorite bagel combination there; an everything with nothing. I will also get lunch for the family there next time we go the the Red Hook Pool. Here is there menu, they deserve our patronage

What the Fuck



  1. Interesting story and thanks for sharing these pics from your neighborhood. I hope the bagel store thrives!

  2. ah yes. We always round the corner on our way to a friend's house. I think he lives in Carroll Gardens?

    it's a strange transitional neighborhood and then suddenly you're in a nicer place. There's always a huge long line of people waiting for the bus on the corner, looking (for now) very cold.

    I love the vibe there, though I'm sure I wouldn't like it at night. There's a parking lot where they park all those street carts and it's just so desolate. I can imaging Reservoir Dogs located in such a place.


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