Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Back to the Staten Island Children's Museum

That is correct. If you ask my son what he want to do, that is what he wants to do. It is better than a playground, it is a playground with some of the imaginary lines already filled in. A year ago, I thouught my kids outgrew this place. I was sad. But I was wrong. So we took his other BFF. Here they are playing if front of the cool mural that thanks all the sponsors.

The place was packed today. The kids don't care, but I think some of the soccer moms were wishing Spring Break would already end and they could get back to their routines. They would probably enjoy their children's vacation if they would leave the high heals home and stop texting when they children need them.

Anyway, we finally got there to enjoy the Snack Zone. I have heard the food was great, but they are only open till 1:30. The 2 boys had a kids meal (grilled cheese, juice box and a (fairly) healthy snack) and I had a GREAT roast beef wrap for less that 8 bucks. I woulda spent $10 more to eat crap and a fast food place. Whoo Whoo!!

On the way there I took a picture of this bumper sticker on this Mega SUV. It says Running on Empty. I did a google search and was only able to find references to the former George Bush administration. Go figure....

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  1. What a great day and topping it off with a great lunch that does not break the wallet is even better!


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