Friday, April 17, 2009

More running with the camera

Noticed some new stuff today. Also appreciated some things I have seen many times.

New: Big scary dog on the roof of a warehouse on 9th St between 2nd St and the drawbridge. Lotsa bark, no jump.

Just noticed: Brack Obama is the President of the United States. Every one else is just acting.

The view from the Brooklyn Bridge was nice today. The harbor was peaty busy.

I often stop at the rest room in Tear Drop Park in Battery Park. (Where Park Pl. meets River Terrace.) It is very nice and privately maintained. I hope all the rich people who live there still have enough money to keep the bathroom open. Otherwise, I will have to go to Starbucks.

It has no flush urinals and automatic toilets. They are kinda freaky because they flush before you get all the toilet paper in. The only way to flush again is to sit down and get up again. Also kinda weird that they are the ground floor a a residential building. You can give someone directions to you home by saying "I live on top if the nice bathroom."

This bus was parked under the FDR, between the Staten Island Ferry and the South Street Seaport. If you turn you head you actually see the Brooklyn Bridge. There was no dude leaning on it

This is the view of the Manhattan Bridge from under the Brooklyn Bridge.

This is the view back to the Brooklyn Bridge from under the Manhattan Bridge. Notice the red barge going south as I run North.

This is what the roof looks like. There is about 3 miles of "shelter" from the Battery to Grand Street. It is well lit and you can avoid all but the nastiest rain.

Running to the entrance to the Manhattan Bridge I noticed that a playground can fit anywhere. And this is what the park looks like from the Bridge.

Wow, do you think they need a new roof.

This is a view of Chinatown, The Municipal Building, The Woolworth Building and the place where the Twin Towers were. I wish I could go back in time and take that picture.

This is what the Brooklyn Bridge and The Statue of Liberty look like from the Manhattan Bridge. She is really little, but she is there...

This is a great playground. My kids love it. It defines what the neighborhood DUMBO is. Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass.

There is also a very nice playground on the roof of The "Robert Cair Building". I wish I could find some reference on the Internet to Robert Cair, but no. I have also never seen any body ever playing on that roof.

Finally, I noticed this "tree" in a yard on Union St. just North of the Gowanus Canal. It was decorated for Christmas, Valentines Day, Marti Gras and Easter. I can't wait for Labor Day.


  1. I can't believe they made a public
    bathroom, and on top people live...
    that's funny
    Love the pictures of the bridge,
    keep running with your camera, you
    capture so much of the city, the
    average person is not aware of....

  2. Awesome run photos. I also noticed your "metro cards" add on, hilarious!

  3. Love the pics and info that comes with them. Gilant :)

  4. Ah, these pictures make me excited for my next trip to NYC!


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