Friday, April 10, 2009

Today I took the Boy and his BFF to the Staten Island Children's Museum

I will get to PS 1 on my own. It is more of a grown up thing. It is a great place. We spent a lot of time in the new exhibit "House about it". The kids were able to play with diggers use tools and practice building a house. There was also lots of interactive was to learn about housed in different places and using different kinds of technology. Lots of stuff on how to "green a house". I especially like they way The Staten Island Children's Museum thanks their sponsors. They have a mural of a constructing site. Each of their sponsors has their name painted on the door of a construction vehicle. (thanks to Time out New York for the photo, I left the camera home.)

When the boys were busy building a new house. I sat at a table with a TV on it. I watch the following video: Wow

When you have 20 minutes click on the banner on the left and watch it.

It is any amazing and simple explanation as to why our country and the rest of the planet is going down the pooper. It was presented at a level that kids could understand. Totally anti big business. Right up my ally, I loved it. But what shocked me the most is that it was permanently installed int he Borough of Staten Island. The Borough that went 52% for McCain. I guess they have not found out yet.

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