Sunday, April 19, 2009

JFK Rotary 5K Runway Run

As soon as I walked out the door this morning I appreciated the gift the NYRRC gave me. I saw three people dressed to race, walking towards the Subway. I did not join them. I did not have to run the "q" race in Central Park this morning. I ran the JFK Roatary 5K Run.

This was great fun. We had to meet at Building 14 at JFK. I don't know if that is the front or the back of the Air Port, but it is not where most people go. But that is not where the race was. We were taken by bus to a secret location 15 minutes away. We had to be escorted onto the tarmac by Port Authority Police. The pre-race directions were unique. I was never told that leaving the course could make me subject to arrest.

Anyway, it was the fastest, flattest, straightest course imaginable. Although that is not to hard to find on a giant airport. 1.55 miles out and 1.55 miles back, straight into the wind.

The awards ceremony was a lot like the Summer Speed Series. Everyone I knew walking home with hardware but me. No worries :)


  1. Love the picture of the banana
    peels,because I never saw so
    many at one time...that was

  2. That's funny, everyone with hardware except you, LOL. That was me last year - Gilant

  3. I ran such a race once...the Teterboro 5K. I thought it would be easy, being so straight, but damn it was hard and turning back, yes, also very windy. Hardware or not, it sounded you had a great time and that's what matters


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