Saturday, April 18, 2009

Once there were no zoos, they there was The Bronx Zoo.

The whole family went today. It is a perfect place. It is shady and cool and nicely spread out. They have taken some of the old creepy, jail like cages and turned them into great experiences like Madagascar. The Congo exhibit is breathtaking. If you take a minute you can easily figure out the family relationships that these primates have.

I remember when JungleWorld opened in the '80s. I remember that people said there was nothing else like it. It is still a great experience.

The Zoo is huge. I figured that the walk back to our car after seeing the last exhibit was further that the walk home from the Prospect Park Zoo. I like that I have let go of trying to see the whole zoo in one day. Why, I am going back next week.

The Skyfari Ride is no more. Not because it got stuck last July with people on it, but because it cost too much money. I liked it. I thought getting stuck would be fun.

The Bronx Zoo has become bigger than the Bronx. It is now the flagship zoo of the Wildlife Conservation Society. Not a bad thing, but there was an agenda. Lots of reminders for the BIG PICTURE. Still not a bad thing. We we got to the zoo, I had to pee. There was a brand new Eco-bathroom. It had waterless urinals and toilets that use very little water. I am sorry, but is there a point to all this water conservation. This is New York City we have plenty of water.

Why spend so much money saving water. What we do not have is landfill space. Just outside this Eco-Bathroom is a machine that sells bottled water!!! WTF. This stuff has to be put into plastic bottles, trucked and then refrigerated. Then the plastic bottle has to be recycled (probability not). For less then the cost of plunging in all those water refrigerators they could fix the drinking fountains.

Or maybe if they are really interested in the big picture of "The Environment" they can offer paper cups of tap water at the refreshment stands, instead of more plastic bottles.

Anyway, none of my obnoxious rant about urinals and plastic will stop me from enjoying the Bronx Zoo in every season.

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