Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Little Hot Today

April heat wave shatters records in New York City

By Andrew Breiner
Special to amNewYork

An April heat wave had New Yorkers flocking to city parks and beaches Sunday as weather records came toppling down.

Temperatures in Central Park reached 92, shattering the 1942 record of 84, according to the National Weather Service. LaGuardia Airport also smashed 1957’s record of 80 degrees with a sweltering 91.

So I ran to Central Park.

Along the way I stopped to talk to a man who was fishing for coins in the subway grating along Smith St. Not the many in the video below, but a another. I told him he must have very good eyesight. not just to catch the various objects with his gluey string, but just to find them. He told me he needs glasses to read. He also said he pays his rent by finding stuff. I told him I find many metrocards with value. He did too..

While running over the Brooklyn Bridge if was passed by two really fit women. Well not just really fit, some other men might have called them babes. They didn't just pass me they motered passed me. Like a new red Mustang passing my Civic. But just as they pulled back into the pedestrian lane the one on the left sniffed in and spit out a huge wad right into the Brooklyn bound traffic lane. Real Hot. I hope my daughter can spit like that.

Also on the Brooklyn Bridge they were filimin a movie (what elce is new). The funny thing was there there were about 25 extras standing around in overcoats. It was already 80 degrees.

Then I made a loop around the Battery and headed up the East River to Midtown. Along the Battery of had a celebrety sighting. I ran past Rundangerously's favorate celebrity marathon runner, Will Ferrell. He was tall in person and needed a shave.

I forgot the best route around the UN so I just followed the other runners. I almost got totally screwed up and ran on the curb of the FDR Parkway. (I did not, but the schmuck in front of me did).

There was lots of sun and not so much water to drink along the East River. I actually stopped running and went into Grand Central Station to for the drinking fountain I knew would be there.

Running up 5th Ave in the 50s I saw three women wearing medals form the More Half Marathon. First I congratulated them then I asked them where the actual finish line was. They smiled, shrugged and all said "Central Park". I welcomed them to NYC and kept running uptown.

I found the finish line and the clock read 3:57. But the NYRRC was breaking it all down. I saw a race official I recognized and asked him if only really fast women ran the whole marathon. He said they canceled the Marathon due to the heat. They made the Half Marathon a "fun run"Wow, it has been a lot hotter than today for the Bronx and Manhattan Halves.

So I got myself some coll leftover Gateraid and got on the subway home.


  1. Wow, I'm surprized, I quess our heatwave (California) moved upwards to you! Sorry, not pleasant!
    How did you find my blog?
    Thanks for the follow - visit any time:)

  2. I really enjoyed reading this very nice


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