Saturday, April 4, 2009

Took another trip to The Adventure Aquarium in Camden

This time with both kids. Last time I only took the girl. Today, we had a wonderful time.

But, I noticed something different about Adventure Aquarium. First, there was a huge line to get it. It took about a half an hour. It was not that crowded, they just only had two people selling tickets and one of them had to deal with will call. Inside I noticed that all of the interactive tanks had only one person staffing them when in the past there were two. There was also no guides at areas where I remember staff members being before.

I mentioned this to one of the guides. She said there have been massive personal cuts since the "economic crisis" began.

This makes no sense to me. This aquarium is within a 3 hour drive to over 20 million people. A day trip for anybody in New York City, all of New Jersey, Philadelphia, Washington DC and Baltimore. If there is an economic crisis these people will not be taking family vacations to Disney, Aruba or Europe. A place like the Adventure Aquarium is the affordable alternative. They are gonna keep it local. Why cut corners at an an attraction like this. Now is the time to market and grow. But what do I know?

Also, we ate at Victor's Pub, just across the parking lot from the Aquarium. The last time we were there the service was so friendly and food so good we just had to go back. Needless to say I might just go back just for lunch. Well, not really, 90 miles is a long drive for lunch. But, I would recommend it be included it in any trip to the Camden.

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  1. I love the Camden Aquarium. We used to be frequent visitors when we lived near Philly.


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