Thursday, April 2, 2009

I had my wisdom teeth pulled today

Not so bad, I would definitely recommended it over root canal. I was out of the office 4o minutes, and most of time was paper work.

For those doing a Google search, I recommend Dr Stephen Gelfman. Professional. Polite. To the point. He treated me like an adult.

But he would not let me take my teeth home. I said my kids wanted the tooth fairy to visit me. He said it is an OSHA regulation. They are potentially infected material. Wouldn't want that on the subway. He also told me to take the guaze out of my mouth after 30 minutes. I did not think that would be a good idea. There are some thing you do not do on the Q train.

I just wish you did not have to wait "about a half an hour" to pick up a prescription. What is the deal? It is not like they have to concoct some potion. They just have to put the pill in a bottle. Aahahah.


  1. That is just gross Michael! holy shit, why do they look like that? I had my wisdom teeth pulled and I don't remember them looking like that!

    What sort of prescription did they give you? wink, wink, nudge, nudge

  2. The original photo was much grosser. Too much for the general public. The whole picture shows the bloody mess on the table. I could send it to you....

  3. Wow! I have 4 taken out at once, sorry no sympathy's from me. just kidding.....

  4. They knocked me out for mine. Then I had those complications, you may remember the drill. Anyway, gargle constantly with warm salt-water. It will really help. Good luck.

  5. David

    After I was shot up with a quart of Novocaine the dentist made me sign of on a giant list of possible complications. Numb lips, floppy tongue or a lifetime of salty flavor.

    Anyway, the extraction was a joy compared to the last 24 hours.

  6. I need to have 1 of mine out, soonish. half hour for a prescription? That was the first thing we noticed when we lived in the USA, we could get a prescript filled in 5minutes vs the usual, it will be ready in 30minutes. The trick up here is to slump over while waiting and you get it faster. The trick in the US? was to have great insurance.


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