Sunday, May 31, 2009

Another fun day at the Liberty State Park Science Center

A great place to go on a sunny Spring day is a museum. Yes inside. When every tourist is in Central Park we went to the Liberty Science Center.
By my day started a little frustrating while surfing around they website I notices this. Cool, I remember that place. It was like a playground. The kids can run amuck and I can sit on a rock. (I am still a little pooped from yesterdays half-marathon.) But I click on the link and get this, (italics mine)

PLEASE NOTE: Wildlife Challenge is closed for the season. Could you survive as a wild animal living among the streets, sidewalks and sewer pipes of the urban jungle? Find out at Liberty Science Center's first outdoor exhibition prototype. You'll crawl, climb and claw your way through the challenges that face urban wildlife every day. Are you up to the challenge?"

See how the Please note is kinda buried in the text. Looks like a typo to me, and it is May 31. It has been an outdoor season for a while already. So it is 10:30AM and the museum has been open for an hour and a half. I figure call them. Weird, every phone number I can find leads me to the same voice mail. Even when I press the button for Help Desk. Oh, well.

So it is a nice day and we are in no hurry. Why drive, We did not even take the Subway, to the Path to the Light Rail. We took the Subway to The Water Taxi.

What a nice trip, it took like 5 minutes to cross the Hudson. When we got there we had to walk a little through Liberty State Park. Funny there was a motorcycle thing going on. I told my kids it was a meeting of people who like to show off how they burn gas. I am so obnoxious.

Anyway, we get the the Science Center and I can see right away that the "Outdoor Play Place" is, in fact, "closed for the season". Oh well, I wish I woulda know that maybe we woulda gone somewhere with some outdoors activities. Oh well. I even mention this to the people working at the Help Center in the doorway. They said that on weekends the phones don't get turned on. Huh??

Also, what is the deal with the supper paranoid security? Why do I have to go through a metal detector to get into this place. I asked the nice minimum wage security guard. He said "there are a lot of children here." WTF. There are a lot of children at a lot of places.

While waiting on line we had to endure a ensemble from Radio Disney on Tour. I don't want to cha-cha-cha. I don't want you to tell me to put my hands together.

So, I show my membership card to the Transit Museum and they don't accept it. They said that it in on the list of Association of Technology Centers that they do not have a reciprocal relationship with. Another WTF, but they let one kid in for free. Whatever.

Hey the kids had a great time and the museum was totally worth the price of admission.

But the museum was like totally empty.

Almost as many security guards as people. This did not make me feel safe, or better.

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