Friday, May 29, 2009

Gettin ready for the Brooklyn Half Marathon

Tomorrow is a big day. The last time I broke 2 hours in a 13.1 mile race was March 9, 2002. I plan on doing it again. It is basically the same course that I ran back in 2002 but backwards. that means I have to run the Prospect Park hills twice. But, I get it over with all in the first 5 miles then it is 8 down hill miles to the Atlantic Ocean.

I am puttin this in writting. Sub 2 hours. OK

This race is so big (and the NYRRC is having another race in Central Park on Sunday) that they move registration to a fancy club on E 87 St. So I get to he Liederkranz Club;6 East 87th Street and can see from down the block that I am approaching the wright place. Not only are other runners heading to it from every direction, but there are the familiar nice Road Runner's Club staff standing outside. As I am walking down E 87th St the nice lady from the Club smiles and says to me "Race registration is upstairs on the second floor." So my obnoxious self says "How do you know I am here for the race"? She quickly came back with "Cause you are wearing the shirt from last year's Tune Up. Your are not here to read the water meter are ya."

I am sorry, that was kinda an inside joke. I thought is was funny.

Speaking if inside jokes, though not a joke, if you are running the race and you are reading this before the race get up now and get a drink of water. The NYRR Club just added a heat advisory. So drink early and drink often.


  1. Been chugging water all day long! Good luck tomorrow. I will be right there stomping the streets of BK with you and the masses. Can't wait!

  2. Good luck! A day late, but still - you probably haven't finished yet!

  3. So...did you break 2?

  4. Not so much breaking 2, but I will get to that later

  5. It wasn't an easy day for a Half. You did great!


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