Saturday, May 30, 2009

Race Report: The Brooklyn Half

I did not break two hours, not close. I thought I could do it. I did everything I thought I should. I have been going to speed workouts, getting in long runs. I even asked one of my training buddies if I could chase her for 13.1 miles. (She said yes, but I was so scared to ask her, it was like asking her to go to the prom.)

My PR is 143:10 back in 1993. I don't think I am slowing down because I am 16 years older. I am 20 pounds heavier. That is it, I am gonna get rid of the spare tire.


Thank You New York Road Runners for the great job today.

Ever since this race left Prospect Park I always wanted it to run the other way and get away from the cold weather. Some of my team mates were worried about traffic problems at the Brighten Beach end of Ocean Pky. I said who cares.

This was great.
  • I got to walk down the hill to the start.
  • I is nice to start in a nice quiet park and finish at a party.
  • I got rid of my pre-race jitters by telling Manhattanites how great Prospect Park is.
  • Just as I was telling my teammate that runners from all over came to run this course, the women next to us said "Yes, I came from Australia just to be here today."
  • I got to boo Marty Markowitz, and yell "Develop, Don't Destroy" as I crossed the starting line.
  • My neighbors got to see me before I looked like shit.
  • We got the hills over with and then shot down Ocean Parkway
  • My family met me at the finish and we had lunch at Nathans and then went to the Aquarium.
I was worried that the first two turns would be hazardous. Not so much, I forgot about the corrals and the effect they have on spreading out runners.

I will update this when I get some photos!

Ya see, I am getting fat.


  1. nice job out there, you're right about the 20 pounds. Most is telling me its age but I won't accept that. and I'm also telling myself that I'm burned out but I won't accept that either. Its a battle right now with me and I want to win.

  2. Great job and great time! Don't worry, you'll get your sub 2 soon. Prospect Park used to be my childhood stomping grounds and yesterday was my first time back to that beautiful park in years. I was a bit peeved about the water station situation though. Most stations were out of water by the time I got there and was manned by one volunteer - for 10,000 runners! Madness.

    Other than that, it was a great race!


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