Saturday, May 16, 2009

"I can't wait for Star Trek, the Third Generation!"

That is what my 9 year old son said as soon as the lights went on after we had some male bonding time watching Star Trek. Yea, as one of the add on Nickelodeon said "This is the Star Trek of your generation"

I say the following based on that I know exactly where I was the night "Star Trek, the Next Generation" was broadcast for the first time. (We through a party in my college house.)

I did not bother to see the last 2 Star Trek movies, I thought I out grew them.... The producers started relying on the great acting of Patrick Stewart and Brent Spinner. No action, No Sci Fi. But plenty of that in the new movie.

This movie might be watched by boys who actually have (real) girlfriends.

Yes, I saw Return of the Jeddi when it first opened at the Ziegfeld on opening night back in the 1983



  1. michael, that video is hilarious. now i have a permanant side stitch from watching it :D

  2. That video makes me cry - it's so funny. It still does and I saw it maybe 5 years ago.

    Lily liked the Star Trek movie and is now watching the original series, since we have it on DVD - don't ask.

    Oh yeah, and I remember watching TNG for the first time and I was there with you & Steph and your unnamed house-mate and his girlfriend.

  3. I'll have to watch that video when I get a few minutes! Thanks for visting my blog!! I post randomly random things--not alway decorating stuff! Mud Run pics are up today! Visit any time!!


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