Monday, May 18, 2009

The Worst Person in the World

I love watching Countdown with Keith Olbermann. He reminds me what's good about this country and makes me feel good to be an American. He also points out the bad, I enjoy that too.

Today I saw the Worst Person in the World. In my world, anyway.

I has some business in midtown. As I approached the exit from the subway I was disgusted my the smell of cigarette smoke. It was blowing down the stairs. But then there was some human gridlock on the staircase, I could not get up, nor could I get out of the smoke. As I approached the top I saw the cause of the blockage. The women smoking at the top of the stairs. What a oblivious person, she not only did not know (or care) that she was blocking an exit from the subway, she did not know (or care) that her disgusting smoke was filling the staircase.

Wait, there is more. That fucking cow extinguished her cigarette on the hand rail. The next person to walk down the stairs would not only have to breath her stench, but they would probably have to put their hand on the ashes. How much more thoughtless could you be. The worst person in the world...............

To make it more ironic, look at the subways station she was walking into.


  1. I was looking at your left column - wow!
    I don't ride the subway (it stinks in L.A.) and I don't ride the bus (first need to follow a self-defense course, LOL), but I never find coins of cash - it must be your special talent!!

  2. oh boy, don't get me started. There are so many people with their heads in another world in this city, and it's really too bad.

    The smokers are a big pet peeve. And people who stand in the middle of the doors on the subway. And people who get on the subway without waiting for people to get off.

    There are also the people who move ahead of you at a crosswalk, only to walk slower than you down the sidewalk. Aarrgh!!!

    if there were more considerate people in the world and this city, it'd be a completely different place. I'm sure the stress level would be much better if we put them on an island together to duke it out.


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