Friday, May 1, 2009

No Picture, just words

My camera is still in the shop so I am gonna blog about something I was told I can not photograph: The NYC cops that hang around in the subway with giant guns. They are in clumps of 5 or 6 and usually with the bomb sniffing dogs. I nicely asked an officer if I could take his photograph, he nicely said no, not when we carry these big guns. I was not going to ask twice, he was holding a weapon that could literally destroy me.

However the flicker pool of photos shows otherwise. There are many pictures of NYC police with M4 Machine Guns.
The photo at right if from a Gothamist story stating the all rookie cops will be trained in M4 Automatic Machine Guns. "... isn't it a comfort to know that Ryan Seacrest, Taylor Swift, and The Jonas Brothers could all go down simultaneously in a blaze of Barney Fife automatic gunfire?"

Also this TV News footage shows plenty of big guns. Again, I got no problem that this officer told me not to take his photo, no problem.

I did a little looking and I could not find one instance of these weapons being used. Not fired or even pointed. That is ok. These officers do not make me feel safer, not at all.

First, the people they are supposed to be protecting us from are suicide bombers. Remember September 11, 2001. I don't have to remind you that they are not afraid of death. Second, did you ever watch The Unit..... 6 guys with giant guns are no match for a guy like Jonas Blane and a metrocard.

I truly apologize is this blog set off any alarms at Homeland Security. This is just a rant. I am harmless, really. I am a Notary Public.


  1. Those are whopping great guns, they would blow anybody away. I hope they never fire them.

  2. yeah it's crazy. look for a highly populated area and place a few officers there with highly automatic weapons. this might be a recipe for population control. No really I do trust these officers, it's the weapons that I'm afraid of.

  3. ha. I like that you post you're a notary public.

    I see the guns, too, and photographed them once. It's startling to see these things around the subway stations. Makes you wonder what they've heard.


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