Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Eye of the Storm

On Monday my kids turn 9. Yesterday we had a party for the Boy at Melody Lanes in Sunset Park. (Perfect place!) This afternoon the Girl gets a make over party.

Last night we opened the Boy's presents. He got a duplicate of a Lego toy. "Don't open it", I say loudly. I am actually looking forward to the exchange. I don't know why, I think it is a genetic defect.

So it is 8AM and the Boy asks me if he can open his Lego. "Sure, have fun." But I forgot that this was the double and I get some coffee and realize they opened BOTH, oh no..... the end of the world.

But, ya know what, GREAT. They are really enjoying themselves. They are building the same race car, that they will get to play with together.

I have the best frigin kids in the world. I do not believe in god, I a have no faith. But I do understand why people tell me I am blessed.


  1. I love hearing parents say "I have the best kids in the world." There is something so magical in those words. But Melody Lanes is like stepping back 30 years and walking into the mid-West all at the same time! CRAZY place.

  2. Melody Lanes is so 30 years ago they don't even have a website. I asked... "What for." was the answer. But Midwest, no. They are so Brooklyn. I don't think a Midwesterner could handle the Brooklyn attitude of that place.

    As for my kids being the best, it is a double whammy for my parents. I was the worst kid....

  3. Your kids are lucky, too. How many parents who have twins--heck, how many parents who have kids whose birthdays are near each other on the calendar, even if they're not twins--would give them each an individual party?

  4. Happy Birthday S and N!! I agree, you are a lucky Dad but your kids are also lucky to have a Daddy who's there to play with and share time with. So you can take some of the credit... but yeah, you are blessed. Enjoy!

  5. In kid talk:

    You're, like, the best dad ever! :-)

  6. Oh shit! Was ours a dupe? Did someone else get him the same Lego set we did? I guess you told too many people he likes to build legos! LOL

    William had a good time, he loves bowling parties, shit, i like them too, i say all of us grown ups have a bowling party there one day, I think that would be a hoot!

    It looked like boy child really enjoyed himself yesterday. I would have loved to have gone to girl child's party today. I should have crashed!

    i can't believe these kids are 9! Shoot, they are getting too old, can't we come up with something to keep them at this age forever?

  7. No worries. It is great to have two "race cars". They race...

  8. that is true! Now you can have your very own drag races. I am glad N liked it! William was excited about giving it to him.

    Where are b'day party pics?

  9. Thanks for the add! I look forward to learning more about you through your blog. - Amy

  10. You can never have too many legos. I am LOVIN your blog, BTW.

  11. aw...that's wonderful. It's great that you appreciate your children. I'm sure they value this and will see how lucky they as they get older.

    I think Lego is a great toy for kids. It's versatile and gets their imaginations going. Much better than some electronic doodad. Good for you for encouraging them in this direction!


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