Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I wish I could share more than the images

We had a thunderstorm last night here in Brooklyn. Prospect Park had a great aroma today. Wet and earthy. The strong Sun was drawing all the moisture out of the ground.

In addition to the smell of the smell of the mud there was the freshly cut grass. It was like a poem for you nose.

This the field that was being mowed. We are in the middle of Brooklyn. You can see the tops of the Ebbits Houses. That is where Ebbits Field used to be. I probabally would have been a Baseball fan if it were still there.


  1. A poem in my nose.....I am trying to picture that.

    I loved the pictures, and I cannot wait to walk in the park, and see what you see....a poem in my nose........

  2. Definitely a nose-poem again today after more rain. I would suggest maybe a nose symphony. Love the puddle reflections.

  3. A poem for the nose. I like the way you put that. There is nothing like fresh cut grass and the smell of wet earth after a rain. :-)

  4. I *love* the smell of trees and earth in the rain, loved this post! Great photos.


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