Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boom a Ring

No this is not my new cousin. Today the whole family went to Coney Island to see Boom A Ring, the Ringling Brothers show that has moved into Brooklyn for the Summer.. The day started out nice. I was able do use a discount code to get the tickets at half price and got an on street parking spot in front of the bit top. But ya know half of $65 is still a lot.

We were the second row on the side of the ring (with nobody in the first row) and I think the back row of the center section would have been just as good for $10. Or half of $10.

Anyway, I had mixed feelings about going to this circus. I have been accused of being an "animal hater". I do not hate animals, I just think too much time and energy is dedicated to the personification of animals. If I hated animals it would not bother me if they are mistreated.

As I expected the PETA people were outside the circus reminded me that they abuse animals. Inside Ringling Bros. reminded me how cute elephants can be.

The show was a lot of fun, but I was actually board with the animal acts. There were dogs jumping through hoops, elephants sitting on each other and tigers doing both.

I will not return to a circus where they show off the skills of trained animals. Mainly because I did not find it the least bit entertaining. Even if the animals are being treated like house pets I could not imagine it being worthy. Also my daughter said "They were wiping the tigers." Why should I pay to see that.

I also do not eat veal. I think I can live a fine live without eating veal.


  1. hm doesn't sound like a very good show.
    I rarely go see the circus and almost never eat veal. The whole meat industry disturbs me and I'm a guilt-ridden meat eater.

    Hope you're staying cool!

  2. I agree. I don't like it and it just doesn't catch my attention.

  3. 1) elephants can be both abused and cute. They are not mutually exclusive.
    2) I don't eat veal either. Enough already said on this.
    3) If I want to see animals jump through hoops and sit on each other, I stay home and watch my kids play. It's free and it tires them out before bed time.


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