Thursday, July 30, 2009

DDC Day 15, Just a bike ride in Prospect Park

I think that today the girl mastered bike riding. She has not been on her bike in about 2 weeks. She must have been practicing in dreams. She even did a stunt. We stopped for water and about a half mile later she said "Hey guys, wait up." It seams her handle bars were turned 180 degrees. She did not even notice till she tried to change gears. Maybe she absorbed something from yesterday's visit to the circus.

We stopped for smoothies at the Audubon Center and from there I noticed the continuous sound of far away music. It turns out there is a concert in the Band shell (as I type this). Burning Spear is performing. At 3pm they were doing their entire set for whoever wanted to listen. Al the campers in the fields were rockin to the reggae beat.

We did another loop of the Park and parked for a while at the Imagination Playground

The kids had a wonderful time. They were instantly playing with others just like them. I did notice two things. Most of the other kids were not speaking English and I was sitting with other parents not babysitters.

Interesting note: Time Out New York Kids ranked this as the best playground in NYC. The runner up being the Hecksher Playground in Central Park. Hey the Harmony Playground was very nice but did they ask a kid where they would rather play. Duh....

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