Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Camp Director at Camp Daddy should have made a plan for Day 4

Yesterday did not turn out so bad, but I did not like the way the day started. Too much hanging around the house. We wound up going out for pizza and then heading over to the playground at Old Stone House Park.

The park is kinda nice, if a little old school. It has a nice simple sprinkler, a jungle gym, some swings and two water fountains for water ballooning. The kind had a fine time, especially because they each met friends.

But speaking if old school the ground they played on could be considered hollowed. First of all The Old Stone house was originally built in 1699. If that were not special enough it was a major spot in the Revolutionary War:
During the Battle of Brooklyn, Long Island, on August 27, 1776, the sturdy house and its strategic position at a cross-roads made it the focus of the most dramatic event of the day. Taken in the morning by an estimated two thousand British soldiers, it blocked the retreat of the out-manned American army in the field. Turning against the stronghold, some four hundred soldiers from Maryland and Delaware, led by General William Alexander, Lord Stirling, attacked it five times and regained the house twice, but were finally repulsed. Watching from Brooklyn Heights, General George Washington and 8000 troops were heartened by the valor they witnessed, and it hardened their resolve to fight on. The unit lost 256 men, a significant part of the over 1000 American casualties that day.
I really think that if there were a building like that in South Carolina that was part of the Civil War there would be a big fence around it and you would have to pay admission just to see it.

Anyway, that is not it. The old stone house was the field house for the team that became the Brooklyn Dodgers. Then they were called The Brooklyn Trolley Dodgers because their fans had to "dodge" the Fifth Ave Trolley.

Many levels of history going on and now it a place to rent for a party and a little museum. But I think most of its use comes from the fact that it is a public bathroom.

Thanks to the Gowanus Lounge (RIP) for the photo. Yes, that is the Old Stone House as seen from the playground, but we had green trees.

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  1. Another cool shot! I have been meaning to tell you how crazy and amazing it is about the MetroCards! Wow! What incredible finds. Very cool to be tracking it, too!


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