Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 6 of Camp Daddy: Chelsea

Today was a great day First we went to the High Line, it was everything I expected, fragile and beautiful yet functional. Lots of tourists with cameras and lots of New Yorkers enjoying a brown bag lunch. The kids even enjoyed the coolness of being in a park, just above the city.

They got to see how big billboards are.

Then we went to lunch. We stopped looking when we saw the sign that said EAT. We ate at the Empire Diner. I had the Black Bean Vegie Berger. I only mention this because it was the best food I ever put in my mouth. I don't usually say things like that, but it was really good.

How do you know when you are sitting next to a tourist? When she asks for grated cheese on her cold Sesame noodles. Really

The kids had an agenda, they wanted to get to Chelsea Waterside Park.

A tight little park perfectly placed on a traffic Island on W23 st between 10th Ave and the West Side Highway. It has sand and wate. What more could two nine year olds want? How about Crazy swings and some shade for Dad.

I was swinging the boy on this wacky swing thing and a little girl walked wright into it. I thought I killed her. She was OK, but it was bad karma.

But the fun was able to con tune with some big hole digging and climbing in squirty water things.

The staycation is going fine.

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