Monday, July 13, 2009


It refers to one of my favorite songs, but that is not what I am blogging about.

Anarchy: absence of government
b: a state of lawlessness or political disorder due to the absence of governmental authority c: a Utopian society of individuals who enjoy complete freedom without government

I was after 9Am and I went for a run. Cars were zooming around the Park so I decided to run on the pedestrian paths. On the long meadow there were many off leash dogs and piles of garbage. So I ran on the sidewalk out side the Park. There were bikes on the sidewalk.

I can't really blame people forcommitting these acts. There was nothing stopping commuters from ususing the Park as a shortcut, the barricades were not in place. The pails were full, people were just doing their best to be as neat as possible. Nobody tells the dog walkers to leash up after 9am, why should they. There is no signage on the sidewalk that says no bikes, Prospect Park West is a racetrack, I would ride my bike there too.

Anyway, on my second loop around the Park, the cars were barricaded, dogs leashed and the Park was (mostly) squeaky clean.

But this seance of I can do what ever I want because nobody is telling me not to leads to greater lawlessness.

Nobody is stopping people from stripping cars on Prospect Park West

I vote for a little law and order. Lets start with the easy stuff

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