Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DDC Day 11: New York Hall of Science

We were gonna go to the beach but there was some rain. I figured if the rain let up we could play on the new Rocket Park Mini Golf course (thanks NY Times for the photo). Well, you cant play golf on wet rubber either.

We stopped at The Lemon Ice King of Corona on the way there. I figured out what makes their ices so good. Not so sweet. Real ingredients. Duh.

Anyway, as we drove into the parking lot for the Hall of Science I saw something that gave me the shivers: A billion school buses. I knew there would be campers but Sheesh. They were a little wild, a little.

At exactly 2:30 there was a loud poping sound. It was the noise of every camper leaving at the same time. The next time we got to a museum like this on a summer weekday we arrive at 1:30.


  1. That looks awesome. Making a mental note to do this someday!

  2. Love the lemon ice king and love that museum


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