Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DDC Day 12 G-Force and a MetroCard Bike

Got some free passes to see G-Force. It seams the movie reviewers have to actually see a movie in order to wright a review. Also the movie producers think they will get a better review if the reviewers see it in a theater full of regular movie goers. I will get to my review later.

The movie was in Times Square and we got there plenty early because I was not sure if my free movie pass was a scam or if there would be a giant line. It was neither, so we had plenty of time to have lunch. We decided to have street food and eat in a park. For the fist time I saw the asphalt park that now exists where traffic used to go in Times Square (the photo is from the Times Square Alliance). It looked like a place for tourists to sit while waiting for something New York to happen. We ate in Bryant Park, a park that had grass and a lot of other New Yorkers having lunch. (Photo from Bryant Park Alliance.) The kids did cartwheels and New Yorkers eating lunch smiled.

On 42nd St and 7th Ave I saw a bike covered with MetroCards. I had to take its picture. I wonder if those MetroCards have value. I will never find out.

So I sat watch G-Force. The kids liked it. I will probably have a sequel. Here is my short review.

It could have ended at any time and I would have been fine.
That's it.

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  1. hi, i'm the owner of the metrocard bike and i don't think any of the cards have any value. i don't check them tho. i found your blog after googling metrocard bike. thank you for posting! Andy


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