Thursday, July 23, 2009

DDC Day 13: The Whitney Museum of Art

We were gonna go to the beach. All packed up and out at the curb. Then the 30% chance of rain looked like 99%.

Got out that unlimited MetroCard I just found and went to the Whitney; time to get some culture. The big deal for kids was supposed to be the Claes Oldenburg exhibit. Lots of big stuff, like a big BLT and a Soft Toilet. The kids were not so impressed. We thought maybe the toilet would make a nice pool toy if it were fully inflated.

The real fun was the Dan Graham exhibit: Beyond. His work is really had to describe. He used a lot of mirrors, sometimes curved, sometimes one way. The kids had a lot of fun they could be invisible or inside or both or neither, all at the same time. Like I said, it is had to describe. The coolest piece was one in a long room with mirrors at the ends. Facing the mirrors were video cameras and monitors. The monitors showed the video in a delay. This made the observer very much part of the art.

Dan Graham was also a serious fan of Hardcore Punk. He made a film that document the linear connection between Puritan Shakers and slam dancing.

Any way, the bag to go the beach is packed.


  1. Hey Chicken, thanks for 'following' my blog. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. I look forward to reading more of your blog, but I like what I see! Feel free to join the conversation any time. Happy blogging!

  2. Thanks for the slice of life. I sometimes miss the unique energy of NYC. I'll be back -Jayne

  3. What beach were you going to go to? Ira is dieing to go to the beach, maybe we can all go together on a weekend.

    I personally hate the beach, don't see the point in sitting in dirt and getting hot and sweaty, but, eh, the kids like it, LOL

  4. Don't tell Ira, but he turned me on to Rockaway. It is all about the kids.


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