Thursday, July 9, 2009

It is not Daddy Camp when Mommy comes too!

A day off for Mom. Whoo hooo!!!

She even came up with the place to go. We went to the PuttingLot in Bushwick.

Yea mini golf in Bushwick.

Huge fun for the kids, they were encouraged to take off their shoes and wade in the water trap.

A great place to go on a weekday afternoon. To say we had room to play would be an understatement. The kids had to entire vacant lot to themselves while us grownups chatted with the staff.

They even recommend a great place to get an early dinner Tortilleria Los Hermano. Check out their review in the New York Times My camera ran out of batteries so I stole this picture from The Times:

Oh we were not really alone, there was a reporter from NY1 TV. We will probally be on TV next week. I will blog about that when I can get the video.

Speaking of Bushwick, this is the kinda kid that lives there


  1. How cool, never heard of this place, sounds like ffun!

  2. OK, this is going to sound stuck up, but, umm, you ate there? It looks liek an abandoned ggas station. Was it good? Excuse me for typing poorly, have had 3 shots of honey vodka

  3. It was the best authentic tacos I ever had. It was the front of a factory. The bathroom was cleaner and bigger than anything in Park Slope!

  4. I love the signs on that 2nd photo. "NOT A GOOD YEAR" on the tyre is quite brilliant, and I like the 'no left turn' sign.

  5. Thanks for the tip on the tacos. If I happen to be that way I'll know where to go!


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