Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The New York Philharmonic in Prospect Park

I went for an evening run today. It worked out that it was the same time as the group run for Slope Sports and my buddies from the Prospect Park Club. They meet at Grand Army Plaza at 7:15pm. That is a good time because that is when automobile traffic is stopped from entering the Park. But not tonight. The Philharmonic was performing on the Long Meadow. A classic good news / bad news story.

The good news was obvious, lots of people in the park and I got to run to the beautiful sounds of The New York Philharmonic.

But there was bad news: It seamed there was some sort of VIP / Staff Parking on the road between 9th Street and Bartel Pritchard Square. Drivers were instructed to enter the park via the recently closed 3rd Street entrance. There was no warning that cars were going to enter the closed road and it really seamed that the divers really did not know (or care) that they were on a road that pedestrians expect to be car free.

I really support a whole variety of activities in Prospect Park. But it would be nice if someone were looking at the big picture, the fact that the usual activity are still happening.

Or maybe someone could have told the (very nice) PEP Officer who was stopping traffic at Grand Army Plaza how to instruct people to walk to where the orchestra was playing.


  1. I'm going to watch your Metro Card growth - and then when I see you on the news as ONE SMART DUDE..then I can say "hey...I was his 47th follower!

  2. I got my run out of the way early so I could see the show. As I was walking over to the park, I wondered how you guys would fare for your Wednesday night run. At least you had some nice music to run to!


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