Sunday, July 26, 2009

Too Many Gerbils

For my daughters 7th Birthday we got her a gerbil. It got lonely so I got her another. It turns out I was doing everything correctly to breed gerbils. I was supposed to get two "girls" otherwise if you get two "boys", they fight. I even bought them in two different boroughs. So that was two years ago.

The first time we had a gerbil baby we gave them to one of my daughter's classmate. The second time we found another classmate. Then the gerbils got better at baby-making. It turns out the Petco where I bought the second gerbil has an adoption program, so I bought them a bag of gerbils. The said thanks, but call next time, OK.

The next time when I called they said they were full, so I called the uptown Petco, they had room.

However the next time I had to give away 10 gerbils all the Petcos whiten subway range were full. Luckily, the local Petland Discounts would happily take them off my hands. The even gave me a bad of gerbil food. I though I had a good thing going. No so much. Then next time they were full too.

I called all the Petland Discounts, there are 17 in Brooklyn. No luck. 11 in Manhattan. No. I drove to the last store alphabetically in Staten Island with the kids and a dozen gerbils. They were not even happy, their gerbil had babies that morning.

So yesterday I made about 25 more phone calls. The Petland Discounts on 125th St between Lexington and 3rd said sure bring em over. We packed um up and took the Subway up to Spanish Harlem. If you ever want to have a not boring subway ride, bring 13 gerbils.

What is funny, however is the location of that first Petco. It is the one I bought gerbil #2. It is in Union Square, the former location of a night club called the Underground. I went to see the band. I did not know it was a gay bar. It was kinda weird going back there to buy a gerbil. Not so funny.


  1. Hahaha, oh my gosh. I can't believe all the gerbils! You had your hands full! Have a great week. Hopefully gerbil baby free... = )

  2. huh, they should allow you to exchange the boy gerbil for a girl gerbil!

    I had gerbils once too, named Fritos, Cheetos, Doritos and Tostitos. Cheetos had a litter (she was pregnant from the store) and she wound up eating one of her babies.

    Fritos (I think) fell off a dresser and broke his leg. We took him to the vet to have a splint attached but of course he chewed it off.

    Ah the joys of pet ownership!

  3. You need to separate those critters and NOW!

  4. Why didn't you separate the gerbils? And actually the males get along better.


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