Wednesday, August 5, 2009

DDC Day 19: Ice Skating in August, That's Insane

Yea Crazy. Like Crazy Eddy.

Going ice skating was a good idea after getting sunburn yesterday. Good to spend the day in a grant refrigerator.

We went to Aviator Sports in Floyd Bennitt Field. They converted two airplane hangers into ice skating rinks. Nice, very nice. It is a very pleasant facility. There is food, a fake rock climbing wall, air hockey, and even a summer camp.

When I was a kid (over 30 years ago) I was in the Junior Order of the Knights of Pythias. We got to play basketball in one of the old airplane hangers. There was a court and a basket with a net. But there was no plumbing. There was a bathroom, but no running water. We were the first people to be allowed to play ball there. I remember the petrified turd in the toilet. I was 15, it was great.

Another thing, yesterday I drove to Rockaway. I made a mental note after driving the strait line down Flatbush Ave to the Marine Parkway Bridge. It took 35 minutes and was a very frustrating ride. It was 8 miles.

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Today I basically drove to the same place, but went the long way. I drove over 16 miles but almost all on highways. It took 20 minutes. I was thinking that maybe it was a good thing that Robert Moses built all these highways. More miles, but a faster.

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It made me think that maybe Robert Moses did not do a bad thing by building all these highways. But then I thought that maybe if he did not, there would have been less traffic on Flatbush Ave.

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  1. Michael - I wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying your blog. It's great to hear about the good points of Brooklyn. I know exactly where those airplane hangers are at Floyd Bennett Field, Exit 11, King's Plaza/Floyd Bennett Field - I never would have known they turned them into anything if I didn't read your blog. Great work!


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