Saturday, August 22, 2009

DDC Day 25: Summer Streets.

Another ambitious day. We biked from home to the Brooklyn Bridge and then joined the Summer Streets Program and rode all the way to Central Park. The kids really enjoyed riding on closed streets. I noticed how nice everybody was. Participants, volunteers, DOT people even the cops were nice. What was not to be nice about. We used the valet bike parking on E 51st Street and walked in the front door of the Waldorf Astoria to urinate and defecate. Yea, I got class.

When we got to Central Park it was lunch time. I have run by the Boat House Cafe hundreds of times, it never accrued to me that I could eat there. I am glad we did. Maybe we were just starving but this was the best lunch we ever had within miles of Central Park. They had a simple menu of burgers, and hot dogs. The hamburgers were hand made and served on fresh potato buns. I had a veggie burger that was not from the freezer. Next time we got to the zoo, we will leave to eat. There is no reason to get a dirty water dog from a push cart.

The clouds started to look mean so we got on the subway to go home. Should have check this before I got on the 3 train:

From 11:30 p.m. Friday, August 21 to 5 a.m. Monday, August 24, 2/3/4 trains skip Bergen Street, Grand Army Plaza and Eastern Parkway stations in both directions due to switch work near Eastern Parkway. Free shuttle buses provide alternate service at affected stations.
Ya can't get on a shuttle bus with a bike. But it was not the end of the world to go all the way to Franklyn Ave. We had Bikes!

But Franklyn Ave has lots of steps. I was ready to carry bikes upstairs.

At this point I would like to put an observation in writing. I have taken my kids in a double running stroller or with a pair of bikes on the subway more than most people. I wait for crowded trains to pass before I get on. I have missed trains waiting for stairways to clear. That is my problem. I never asked for help. But EVERY time is was offered help it comes from a black man. From white men all I get are dirty looks. I am not making any judgments, just an observation. BTW, I am a white man.

Today two black men carried the kids bikes to street level and it even took them out of their way. Doing the Right Thing in Crown Heights!


  1. How cool, a boat house cafe. I once was on a house boat for a wedding reception (that was in Holland, in Rotterdam) - it was packed! But I guess, that's what made it a special atmosphere!

  2. This boat house cafe is cool and i want to go their.


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