Sunday, August 23, 2009

If I were a baseball nerd I would say "I witnessed history."

I went to Citi Field today, The Mets lost to the Phillies. But that's not the story.

The new arena is the story, much nicer than Shea Stadium, I read somewhere that Shea Stadium had all of the charm of the a Dept of Motor Vehicles office. A place you want to leave as soon as possible. Not so much Citi Field. A great place to watch baseball. Defiantly not built by Robert Moses.

I joked with my Dad that it is the best billion dollars I ever spent an afternoon in. He reacted to my (commie) statement (in conservative spirit) by telling me that it was money all spent by the Mets. We were both wrong. According to it cost $600 million to build and only 165 million was public financing. So what.

But baseball nerd stuff.
I have been doing a little research, it appears that this was the only game in baseball history that had an inside the park homer and an unassisted triple play. I so did not care that the Mets lost. Most of the fans at Citi Field were wearing Pilly colors. When the game ended I actually sincerely congratulated the Philly fan who was sitting next to me on his teams victory. He came all the way from South Jersey to see the game and it was worth the trip.

And another thing, It is baseball, anything can happen. Don't leave till the fat lady sings.

Henny Ray Abrams/AP


  1. I've been to literally hundreds of pro games, and while I've seen an inside-the-park home run (although it could've been an error with a less-generous scorekeeper), I've never seen an unassisted triple play. Good for you for sticking around!

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  3. How cool to be at that game! I feel asleep last night with the TV on ESPN. I heard about the triple play every half hour. I have lived in the Dallas area for over 10 years and have never been to a Texas Rangers baseball game, and I love baseball.

  4. Thank Rita, if you wear not a spammer I would give a shit what you say.

  5. The $165,000,000.00 looks deferent when you use numbers is to insure the bonds. The City will get it back when the bonds are paid off.

  6. No Dad, the government $ is in terms of free rent and funds.

    "Public financing: $89.7 million in capital funds from the city and $74.7 million in rent credits from the state"

  7. I went Friday: not nearly as interesting at all! But weirdly there were also a majority of red-sporting Philly fans. That would have been a cool (if horrible! For a Mets fan!) game to see.

  8. i was there at that game... angel pagan was killer, and i really thought the mets were gonna come back, cause as you said, anything can happen in baseball... and that was my first time at citi field, hands down 100% better then the new yankees stadium... such a old school, classic all-american baseball feeling when you walk in...

  9. Hi! I'm new to your blog (via NY Daily Photo). As a huge baseball fan, I'm insanely jealous that you were able to experience that game! Thanks for sharing!


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