Friday, September 4, 2009

DDC Day 32: Back to Rockaway

Well the last two time I "said" we went to Rockaway, but we actually went to Riis Beach. Today we went to Rockaway, Beach 116th St. to be specific. And we did it without adding to our carbon footprint. Mass Transit and lots of it.

We took the train there. We walked about three quarters of a mile to the F Train and changed at Jay St for the A. We had a bad connection for the A and occupied 25 minutes by looking at rats play. Really, look to the left, I took a picture. The train ride was really cool. We rode with surfers. The MTA workers in the photo were talking about their union and how there might be a "work slowdown". The guy looked at me, smiled and said, "Yea, like you think we could work any slower." This trip took about an hour and a half.

We came home by taking the bus from Rockaway to "The Junction". At Brooklyn College we go on the 2 train home. This was only 80 minutes, but I would rather spend more time on a train than an hour on a city bus. Ahahahg

So we switched to the Rockaway Shuttle to Beach 116th St. Look what we saw. A subway snow-blower. I bet thy don't make those on an assembly line.

We had lunch at the Last Stop Gourmet Shop Great burgers, I actually had a perfect Rubin sandwich. Super friendly service. Much better than fast food. Thank you.

Just before we got the the beach we saw the memorial to those lost on Flight 587 back in November of 2001. A man I used to work with lost 5 members of his family on that plane.

So before we got to the beach I bought the kids a pair of buggie boards. They were so uninterested in surfing when they saw the water. It was full of jelly fish. The kids thought it was fun, but you could not help but to be touched by a jelly fish. They were not biting so they became toys. I was totally grossed out but the kids loved them.

When I was doing some internet research on the jelly fish, I found a blogger that was at the same beach. Check out Sandwich. She has a cool perspective.

The sand was even covered with baby jelly fish or jelly fish parts.

We even found a pair of live clams. My son got to pet it. He said "It likes me"


  1. William got a huge jellyfish sting when he went to the Riis the last time. his leg looked awful!

    Nice clam though, is it joining your gaggle of gerbils as a family pet?

  2. Oh crap. EVERYBODY at the beach was acting like they were harmless. But I think they were all dead.

  3. Jellyfish are not harmless if they sting you, I googled them after William came home that night with his leg looking like an alien bit him, LOL!

  4. Hello, you have the most gorgeous site here and I had to leave this comment for you ! Your posts are lovely and you have interesting pictures. It's all perfect so thank you for sharing them all and best wishes....


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